OV-CAOS Ottawa Valley Community Arts

Land Acknowledgement

Ottawa Valley Community Arts (OV-CAOS) is based in what is now known as the Upper Ottawa Valley and operates on unceeded Algonquin territory, known as Omàmìwininìaki. The Algonquin Nation has stewarded this land since time immemorial, and we all have a responsibility to care for these lands and waters with good hearts. OV-CAOS is committed to creating meaningful space for Indigenous artistic expression and the creation of community. We seek to honour Indigenous peoples, particularly members of the Algonquin Nation, by creating spaces where all people feel welcome and connected in community through artistic practice.

Note about cultural appropriation 

Cultural appropriation is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture.” Cultural appropriation causes harm when traditional knowledge or culture is used without consent, context, credit or consent. 

We bring this awareness with us wherever possible and follow the guiding message of “no more about them without them”.