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ON NOW at Dundonald Hall in Petawawa:

February 10 to April 9, 2023
Dundonald Hall, 57 Festubert Blvd, Petawawa

Have you ever looked at an old or broken item and wondered if it could still be used for something else? Maybe you are saving torn jeans for a new sewing project, or have a piece of furniture you want to restore. Some of us have whole drawers filled with bread tags, dried up pens, keys to cars we no longer own, and
who knows what else. The truth is that most of this stuff eventually ends up in the landfill. But not everything…

Nine Ottawa Valley artists were given the challenge of turning discarded items into works
of art. The results are part of the new exhibition, Salvage, which opens August 26th at Fifth
Chute Coffee in Eganville. Whether it is high fashion made from single-use plastics, the
reimagined remnants of a fire, or roadside coffee cup creations, each piece tells a unique
story about rural communities and life beyond the landfill.

As one of the Salvage artists, Pat Thurston, states, “Every created thing made by humans
eventually returns to where it originated, and in the long process of decay there is still
beauty to be found and much to wonder at.”

Salvage is the latest installment in the Pop Up Art series, presented by OV-CAOS. The
exhibit will be in Eganville until November before moving on to the Arnprior Public Library
and Garrison Petawawa in 2023. The goal of Pop Up Art is to offer Ottawa Valley residents
the opportunity to interact with art in public spaces, and to have meaningful encounters
with art in their day-to-day lives.

ON NOW at Arnprior Public Library:


February 10 to April 9, 2023
Arnprior Public Library, 21 Madawaska Street, Arnprior

RURAL artwork • telling RURAL stories
made by RURAL artists • for RURAL people!

This exhibition is a review of the eight Pop Up Art exhibitions presented over the past two years. Each exhibition included an engagement activity that invited visitors to contribute to the exhibition. A summary of these activities and contributions is presented here, along with samples of the artwork featured in the exhibitions.

Pop Up Art is a response to the reality that we don’t have public art infrastructure in Renfrew County, which is home to many artists, creative people and cultural workers. Through Pop Up Art, we explored the impact and viability of bringing mobile art experiences to people living in rural communities.