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Pop Up Art VIRTUAL Galleries

Pop Up Art exhibits are best seen live, but when you can’t make it or need to see them again, these virtual galleries are the next best thing.




During the summer of 2021, a group of artists visited some of the more than 20 museums across the Ottawa Valley, with a mission to find historical objects that spark inspiration. They were inspired by tea cups, a washboard, clock mechanisms, tools for mending, a mason jar, a butter churn, and a birch-bark basket. Through contemporary art, ARTifacts honours the intimate and vital role domestic objects play in our everyday lives. The exhibition explores the stories within hand-held domestic objects, and questions what happens to those stories once the objects are no longer in use.


Honouring Seniors

What is captured in the moment when a photograph is taken? Starting in the spring of 2020 and moving with the waves of the pandemic, photographic artist Maureen MacMillan created 50 portraits each capturing a moment in the diverse experiences of seniors living in the western Ottawa Valley.

Honouring Seniors Photographic Portraits is accompanied by a sound art compilation by Kathy Blomquist and Tristan Whiston .


The Story Behind The Portraits

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Split Second



People and Place

In collaboration with 51 creative people from across the Ottawa Valley, artist Genevieve Townsend has created a mixed media tapestry exploring the intersection between people and place in the Ottawa Valley.

Tree Story

Ottawa Valley Artists were invited to explore human relationships with trees and imagine the stories they might share.

Wish You Were Here

Postal art. All of these postcards came through the mail. You can still contribute! Click here for details.

Good Ancestor

Welcome To My World