Who’s Home? @ the Community Resource Centre

Who’s Home? @ the Community Resource Centre



 “Who’s Home?”: exploring with the people who live here the meaning of home, community and neighbourliness. By exploring who is here and what it means to live here now, we will create new stories that reflect the challenges and opportunities of our times; allowing participants to envision themselves and their community in new creative forms.

This project is an artists-in-residency collaboration between the Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio (OV-CAOS) and the Community Resource Centre, Killaloe (CRC). The project will take place at the CRC’s service centre on Lake Stree in Killlaloe, and at the location of various CRC programs throughout their service area. OVCAOS artists will act as artists-in-residence as a part of the CRC’s existing programming.

projects under way…

“Wish more of your kids’ toys were lovingly handmade, rather than plastic? Are you interested making your own vibrant natural dyes and non-toxic paints out of local plants and mushrooms? Help populate our quilted map world with stuffies you and your kids can make that will become heirloom Toybus favourites – toys with stories in every stitch!”

‘Somewhere close by in a magical place is a fantastical little home. The magical place is your imagination. The fantastical little home is a small card-board bas-relief house, waiting to invite you through it’s door into a place of hopes, memories, wishes and dreams.  Using simple art materials and techniques we will be decorating our  little houses with images, words, colours, photos, etc….. revealing  a place of magic we  can enter at will.’