OV-CAOS Ottawa Valley Community Arts

Pembroke Youth Mural Project

Unveiling: September 28, 2019

Over 40 youth were engaged in the design and creation of a mural mosaic in Pembroke. It’s an expression of how we are feeling inside, seeding ideas out into the world, connecting to the natural world and the places we live in.

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council, this mural project will contribute to the artistic legacy of Pembroke by creating a mosaic mural from the perspective of youth in Pembroke.

Megan Spencer lead a community engaged-process with three distinct phases: research/information gathering, design and feedback, and production.

Youth co-created the mural based on their own interests, themes, and aesthetics with the guidance and vision of the lead artist.

Lead artist: Megan Spencer
Youth intern: Kat Belaire
Project mentor: Anna Camilleri

Contact: megan.spencer.artist@gmail.com